2016 was certainly an interesting year for the pension and investment industries. It was a year of political moves that rocked stock markets, a number of provincial consultations on pension solvency reform, the landmark deal struck to enhance the Canada Pension Plan and the subsequent demise of the Ontario Registered Pension Plan.

Benefits Canada rounds up your favourite pension and investment stories of 2016:

1. New CPP and OAS benefit amounts take effect

2. Budget 2016: Changes to OAS and GIS benefits

3. Nortel pensioners face decision on payment options

4. ORPP design and feature details announced

5. How to prepare employees for the psychological impact of retirement

6. Top 100 pension funds report: Solvency reform on the agenda

7. 75-year-old retiree finds real joy in returning to Sun Life as an intern

8. Government increases pensionable earnings under CPP and adds new disability standards

9. ORPP delay a wise move

10. Top 40 Money Managers Report: Why pension funds are turning to non-core infrastructure

Happy New Year from the whole Benefits Canada team and we’ll see you in 2017!

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