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Starbucks Canada increases mental-health benefits to $5,000

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The VP HR courageously touches on root cause when she states “The most important thing we can do is offer a safe and welcoming work environment that supports our partners every day and especially in times of need.”
The data about the high prevalence of work-related mental health impairment in the young adult working population is so compelling, that it actually gives employers a road map for resolution. Most won’t address it with more than lip service though, because the culture of short term performance at any cost is so embedded by some corporate people, that there is a fear that if working conditions (including the really destructive co-worker behaviours that are tolerated these days) were improved, results will suffer.
This is enlightened benefits strategy by Starbucks, but treatment by itself still leaves root cause (e.g. the short shifting, under staffing and constant cognitive strains seen at some Starbucks stores these days) unaddressed. To wit, the single attendant seen behind the counter at an EnRoute Starbies store just yesterday, struggling to serve a customer line-up that was at least ten people deep. “Now there’s a breakdown waiting to happen,” I thought to myself.

Wednesday, October 05 at 11:25 am |


Great article and commendable trail blazing by Starbucks Canada!

Typo in article: “… according to to the Centre…”
Many Starbucks employees are young – the average age is 24 – and 70 per cent of mental-health problems first present in childhood or adolescence, according to to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.

Friday, October 07 at 1:48 pm |