CIBC Global Asset Management Inc. has expanded its offering of institutional pools, spanning Canadian, U.S. and global equities, as well as Canadian fixed income.

“We are dedicated to anticipating and meeting our clients’ evolving needs, and these new offerings do just that. They provide a range of investment management solutions,” said Duncan Webster, chief investment officer and head of CIBC Global Asset Management.

The new pools are as follows:

  • The CIBC Canadian Equity All Cap Value Pool seeks to provide long-term capital growth and returns while focusing on downside protection to control risk by investing in a diversified portfolio of small, mid and large cap Canadian-listed companies.
  • The CIBC Canadian Equity Large Cap Dividend Value Pool seeks portfolio outperformance over the long term by owning the stocks of large cap blue-chip companies, with above-average yields, and buying those companies when their valuations are below their historic averages.
  • The CIBC U.S. Equity Value Pool identifies and invests in companies trading below their fair market value.
  • The CIBC U.S. Equity All Cap Growth Pool identifies companies with positive corporate change that will result in earnings and fundamentals improving at an accelerating rate.
  • The CIBC Global Equity Growth (ACWI) Pool identifies global companies in the beginning stages of their growth cycle.

Four new institutional bond pools have also been launched:

  • The CIBC Canadian Bond 5-, 15- and 30-Year Duration Pools have been created to deliver the performance of a blend of Government of Canada and provincial bonds of the specified durations.
  • The CIBC Canadian Bond Corporate Investment Grade Pool seeks to provide yield enhancement by exceeding the DEX Universe Corporate Bond Index.

Lastly, CIBC has enhanced the CIBC Balanced Pool to a fund-of-funds structure, providing access to the range of underlying pools.

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