Quebec-based Rideau Recognition Inc. is rolling out a 30-day workplace health challenge for employers that use its new workplace wellness and health education app.

The health challenge, which begins Oct. 2, is open to any employer that offers the organization’s Vistance Wellness app to its employees. The winning company will receive $2,500 to donate to a charity if its choice.

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The challenge focuses on preventative health for employees of any fitness level, using mobile technology, gaming, social networking and traditional competition. Employees can track their own progress and comment on and share their successes with their teammates.

“One of the things I enjoy most about Vistance Wellness is the social aspect,” said Peter Hart, Rideau Recognition’s chief executive officer, in a news release. “There’s lots of fun to be had during the challenges, and you learn a lot about your co-workers through the pictures and comments they post. I’ve struck up casual conversations with employees about the dogs I’ve see them walk or the yoga classes they’ve tried. It’s a wonderful way to build deeper connections with colleagues.”

The app, which is available for Android and iPhone devices, focuses on five pillars of health: eating a balanced diet, drinking more water, exercising regularly, reducing stress and getting enough rest. It gives employees credit for working towards their daily goal and includes daily tips created by health experts.

“We tend to think negatively of habits,” said Michael Moszberg, cofounder and chief executive officer of Praktice Health, which designed the wellness app. “But taking conscious steps to improve your health is also a habit, one we should all try to incorporate into our daily lives. It only takes 30 days for the repetition of an action to become a new habit and have a significant impact on health. It’s our experience that health improvements begun with the app continue long after the challenge has ended.”

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what about this for wellness just the first part

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