High levels of work-related stress can impact employees’ home relationships and lead to a higher absenteeism rate, according to Shepell-fgi.

Its report, entitled ’Til Stress Do Us Part, reveals that some employee groups may experience relationship problems more than others.

More people in their 30s(23%)reported marital/relationship issues than people in other age groups and more men(23%)than women(18%)reported such issues.

Relationship problems were also found to be higher in certain industries, including associations, automotive, oil and gas, unions, and internet.

“Given that employee well-being has significant impacts on employee and organizational performance,” the report states, “employers would do well to explore ways of helping to build and maintain personal relationships outside of the workplace.”

To remedy the situation, the report recommends a number of actions employers can take such as redesigning jobs, offering training and development opportunities, offering alternative work arrangements, creating flexible career development programs, training supervisors and managers to be sensitive to employee relationship needs, and scheduling events that build strong employee relationships.

The sample consisted of 156,724 individual clients that accessed the Shepell-fgi EAP between 2003 and 2006.

To read the PDF report on Shepell-fgi’s website, click here.

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