Carproof is rolling out a wellness campaign focused on employee self care, including access to a yoga and meditation specialist, massage therapists and a naturopath, as well as weekly lunchtime colouring.

The London, Ont.-based company, which has 120 employees, surveys employees twice a year and then tailors its programs based around what people are interested in, says Heather Coy-Robinson, human resources manager at Carproof.

Following feedback from employees, the campaign started with a yoga and meditation specialist who ran a four-week session in the workplace. “We had 20 spots and employees had to pay $10, which they got back if they attended all four sessions,” says Coy-Robinson. “They learned about specific yoga poses to influence meditation and relaxation.”

This month, massage therapists are coming into the office so employees can have mini, 15-minute chair massages. A naturopath will host a lunch and learn for employees later in October. And Carproof has also introduced colouring at lunchtime on Thursdays. “We have a casual area in the office where we provide colouring books, crayons and pencil crayons, and people can spend the time just colouring,” says Coy-Robinson. “That’s gone over really well because it’s something different.”

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The organization also has about 15 sales managers who are on the road across Canada, which makes it challenging to reach those employees on a regular basis through the programs and initiatives it offers at its office location. “We’re always trying to think of creative ways to engage them,” says Coy-Robinson.

For the self-care campaign, Carproof ordered care boxes for these employees through The boxes, which were delivered as a surprise to employees’ doorsteps, included a number of wellness items such as essential oils, an exercise band, a yoga DVD and protein powder. The organization also gamified the care boxes, says Coy-Robinson.

“We asked them to take a picture when they got their box and then take a second picture when they’re actually using it,” she says. “We entered all of those names into a draw and the winner got a certificate.”

Carproof communicates all of its campaigns at the beginning of each quarter through an email to all employees. Every Friday it also hosts a communications lunch, where it shares more details about upcoming initiatives.

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